Throughout the year, various social activities are indulged in with important inputs by the residents and their valuable time .
( i ) Each year we conduct a Blood-Donation camp, keeping in view the dearth of blood in our Blood Banks. This year too, we held such a camp but with a significant difference. The Camp was organized and conducted by the women of the locality and more than 100 women donated blood.
( ii ) Along with the Blood – Donation camp we also organize a free health check up camp. This year was no exception and more than 500 people were served. Clinical test, pertaining to life style diseases, such as BMI, Bone Density test etc, were also undertaken free of cost.
(iii ) A separate eye-camp relating to the various ailments of the eye, also takes place free of cost. Free distribution of spectacles to the needy, after proper check – up has been taking place for the past few years. We have plans for setting up a free cataract operation camp in the near future

Throughout the year the committee indulges itself in various cultural ventures with a view to promote new and local talents. Tagore’s birthday and the day of his demise is remembered through the enactment of his dance drama, recitation of his poetry and singing his songs. All these are performed by the local talents. From the day of “ Mahalay” right upto the beginning of the Puja, the locality witnesses a series of cultural programmes each day, mainly performed by new talents, The programmes provide a good platform and exposure to the local talents. The Programmes include solo and choir singing, dance, enactment of plays and rock concerts. New genres of culture are encouraged Last year we witnessed performance by a Japanese “ Baul ” singer. Besides these, various festivals are celebrated with decorum. “ Raksha Bandhan” is one such festival where the sisters tie the “ Rakhi” on their brother’s hands and this festival has been extended over the years to cover the entire locality. Similary the festival of colours is also celebrated with decorum. Fabulous and colourful processions do the rounds of the entire locality. “Janmastami” withnesses the distribution of “Khichdi” and sweets to all the members of the locality.
All these activities are led by a committee whose composition is a reflection of miniature India. It comprises of active social workers, doctors, professors, lawyers and teachers on the one hand; on the other it includes housewives, students, tea stall owner and daily wage earners, All work hand in hand without any ego clashes, for the common goal of the upliftment of social conditions and carrying the puja to new heights and glory. Truly “Halsibagan Sarbojanin Durgotsav” is an apt example of “ Unity in Diversity” .
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