This Puja, at Nirode Behari Mullick Road ( Formerly Halsi Bagan Street) has entered the 73rd Year in 2017. With a very humble beginning from the Pre- Independence era, the Puja has grown significantly from this new century. It is the enthusiasm of the people and their sincere hard work which has enabled the Puja to create a significant place for itself in the Puja map of Kolkata.

While celebrating the Puja during the months of September – October, the Committee keeps in mind that serving humanity is the best form of worship. While every effort is made for the betterment of the Puja itself, we consciously undertake programmes throughout the year for the upliftment of our locality’s social, cultural and philanthropic areas. All these programmes are supported and actively participated in by the locals with great enthusiasm and spontaneity.
While indulging in the enjoyment of the Puja, we do not forget those downtrodden who lack the basic necessities of existence. Throughout the year we undertake multifarious philanthropic activities. In winter, warm clothes and blankets are distributed ; children are provided with new clothes so that they are also not left out from the festive mood of the city . Serious but needy students are provided with text books and stationeries. On the other hand, good results at the board level are also heartily encouraged with felicitation and gifts. Street children get to savour the enjoyment of “Bhatridritiya” as such a programme is arranged by the members of the committee every year. Moreover, we have also donated wheel chairs to those in need of it. We try to keep in mind Swami Vivekananda’s words that one who has served man has truly worshipped god.

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